Condominium Managemnt Services

Condominiums are as varied in their management requirements as the people who own them. In keeping with this philosophy our aim is to provide professional management designed to suit the individual needs and aspirations of your condominium corporation. Whether you prefer a more traditional style of management or customized management  3D Property Management can provide you with the expertise and attention you expect at an affordable price. The choice of a management style depends largely on two factors:


 1)  The needs of the condominium project and its associated responsibilities (repairs and maintenance; administration which can often involve a substantial amount of paperwork and bookkeeping; communication, By-Law enforcement) .


2)  The extent to which the residents or Board members are able and/or willing to fulfill these needs on their own.


 We offer a variety of services to choose from enabling you to adopt a management style that works best for you.




 . Fully trained staff  with a number of support staff.


. We are  accessible by direct telephone line, individual e-mail address, voice mail, cellular telephone and main office telephone.


. Computerized accounting records are provided to the Board of Directors in a timely manner in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures.


. 3D Property Management currently manages condominium corporations comprising of residential complex ranging in size up to 55 units.


 . 3D Property Management brings a team approach to problem solving and is highly recognized in the condominium field for its level of expertise, honesty, dedication and attention to the provision of services as outlined in its management proposal and agreement.

.There are no surprises or hidden costs after entering into a formal management agreement with this company


 . The success and reputation of 3D Property Management have been established based upon our attitude towards client YOUR CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION!



Role of the Management Company



   The role of the Management Company is to administer your Condominium Corporation, in accordance with the New Brunswick Condominium Act. It is therefore our mandate, under restrictions of budget, Board policies and Corporation By-Laws to direct the activities pertaining to the maintenance of all common areas prepare statutory documents and act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and individual owners.


 A more important function of management is the development of a professional bond between the Board and the Condominium Consultant in order that all problems and recommended solutions are openly and confidentially discussed within the forum of duly constituted board meeting. It is critical that all decisions be rendered by the elected Board of Directors and that those decisions are implemented by the Management Company. The Board can delegate authority to the Management Company, however it cannot delegate any of its responsibilities under the Act.