*(While you are enjoying your new office I am enjoying my new rental a house that I love thanks Matt & Tricia)


 -Katherine R , Tenant

*(We appreciate your services and recognize the 3D played a vital role in filling the Abbey building with market tenants )


- Adam D, President, Abby St. Andrews Inc

*(Just a follow up to our conversation over the phone the other day, I wanted to say how thankful I am that you guys took speedy action on the issue I was having with my door!  I had gone back and forth the previous company several times looking for solution to this issue not only for myself but for the well being of the property. I really appreciate how quickly you fixed this and came to a solution. )


-Jessica M, Tenant

*( I must say I was pleased to see 3D's employees would go in , get the job done and leave without "running the
meter" to drive up the costs. On this basis, I would have no hesitation in recommending 3D Property for unit turn
and repairs and maintenance as required.)


 -Diana O, Senior Property Manager

*( Thank you for all your past work and quality work you and 3D property have put forword. 3D is appreciated by the board and its members. 3D will always be looked at in good light for the work it has done for South City Housing Co op.

- Peter J, South City Housing


 *(3D Property Management has provided leasing and property management services for both my buildings and they have been excellent both with my business and with everyone I've referred on who was looking for a change of scenery.)*


Chris J,  Building Owner


 *(I want to say that you and your company have done a superior job.  Gold stars for all!  Please give a big thank you to everyone on your team.  I truly appreciate your professionalism and prompt attention to my building.)


Jennifer R. Building Owner

*(I am an out of province property owner, from Alberta, with 4 buildings totaling 20 units in Saint John. In March of this year I changed property management companies to 3D Property Management.  I had been with another Property Management company for almost 2 years, and never reached a satisfying level of comfort with that company.  I wanted to pull out all my investments and give up on Saint John.
Then I tried 3D property management, and I would recommend them to anyone, in fact I have.  I have done a complete 180 in my thinking about my portfolio in Saint John.  I am as excited now as the day I bought the properties.  The staff at 3D property have been exceptional, knowledgeable , and consummate professionals.  They have been easy to work with, flexible, and negotiable, and well equipped to handle all mine, and my tenants concerns.  For the past three months they have shown to be capable of following a progressive budget, while doing more work than ever before.  Something I never experienced also, was the fact that they are cosmetically improving the units, so I am realizing good solid value out of my dollars. )

Cam M. Real Estate Investor

*(A big shout out to Matt and 3D Property management. Over the weekend tenants moved out of a neighbouring building on Orange Street and left one hell of a mess of garbage at the curb. Christine phoned 3D to report the situation and ask for clean-up. Matt Doherty took the call and handled it in a property management "case study" manner. He thanked Chris for the call, promised remediation, and then delivered in a way that exceeded all expectations. Job well done and congrats again. This is top notch !!)

Bob McVicar,

*(I wanted to send an E-mail to thank you for your prompt response and work recently done to our Apartment.  The Maintenance Workers came by today and replaced our Bathroom Light Fixture. They were courteous and quick and did a great job. Your hard work is much appreciated. 3D Property Management so far has been a much better Property Management Company to deal with then my girlfriend and I are use to.)


David D. & Tiffany C. Tenants

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